Hire A General Contractor In Connecticut

Hire A General Contractor In Connecticut

Looking to hire a General Contractor in CT? 1stChoicePro's is Connecticut's premier contractor offering a multitude of services such as interior painting, exterior painting, commercial painting, home improvement, and many other services that will have your home or commercial building shining.

Get started today by contacting us to talk about your specified project and see how we can help. As a Connecticut general contractor, we provide a free estimating service that can bring you all the information.


Tailored service and high quality guarantee our customers the optimal realization of their ideas and wishes with products of long service life.

Convince yourself of our comprehensive range of services, which we offer in the various areas with a lot of experience and extensive craftsmanship know-how.

Why choose a general contractor CT?

It all depends on your project! In fact, generally speaking, using a general contractor can greatly simplify your life and significantly reduce the stress associated with your renovations. For example, a kitchen renovation may seem like a small project, but tell yourself that you will have to call in an electrician, a plumber, a cook and a painter. You will therefore be forced to find competent contractors, manage unexpected events, coordinate appointments and check that renovations are well done.

So you will act a bit as a general contractor. Obviously, playing this role will cause a lot of stress and stress, so ask yourself if you are ready to live this. By choosing a general contractor, you also give him the responsibility to find competent specialized contractors and ensure the smooth running of your project.

With us, you can access all the services defined in HOAI that are relevant to your construction project.

We know and understand the internal processes and ways of thinking of a general contractor. In concrete terms, this means that we are familiar with the specific requirements and challenges that are placed on economic and punctual planning as the basis for successful project realization.
For our construction partners, we provide exactly the performance models that exist according to the project-specific requirements of tendering and contracting.

This applies to the coordination of our services with the persons involved in the planning as well as to the parallel construction planning of all planning trades. In this way we ensure a smooth construction process, taking into account the necessary procurement procedures.

As individual services we offer you for example:

Support during the offer phase (design optimization, design and approval planning)
Detailed design
Creation of specifications
Planning coordination to support the local construction management
Our planning is characterized by well-conceived and well-implemented detailed solutions.


Together with you we develop tailor-made solutions for the realization of your customers' construction requirements.

We understand design build cooperation to be on an equal footing as a partnership. In the planning phase, we as architects take the lead in communication and coordination. Our design will be compared and optimized with you in the planning and offer phase to the feasibility regarding the costs, deadlines and qualities.

The result is the jointly developed, individually tailored offer to the client. Advantage for the client: Support and advice are provided by two independent partners for planning and execution who reliably implement the design-build project.


In this form of cooperation, we take care of the coordination and documentation of the services of all planning participants.
As a general contractor, you are responsible for a complex construction project in which the planning partners are provided by the client.

There are also aspects of tenant coordination in the expansion phase. Your core task is the preparation of the execution work as well as the organization of your internal bidding and tendering processes.

We take care of the coordination and documentation of the services of all planning participants, organize the exchange of documents and the preparation of the plan on the construction site.

Deviations in the execution planning from the contractually agreed construction target are recognized, tracked and visualized. You have the freedom to concentrate on your core business of construction.


We analyze the requirement profile of your project for you and develop the concrete objective from alternative approaches.

Already in the run-up to the concrete planning process for a building - in the phase of fundamental decisions - we bring together the various interests and requirements of the project and define priorities for the objectives.

Considerations from strategy, corporate governance, budget planning, process optimization and site-specific conditions form the building blocks of any complex and individual requirements profile.

Together with the client, the requirements are defined and specified in terms of the client's requirements. We have tried-and-tested and well-engineered tools for a structured basic determination, in which all conceivable questions are assigned to the project in relation to the task.

From this we derive alternative planning approaches, which we discuss together with the client and optimize them to meet his needs.

By means of our methodology, contradictions in the requirements are quickly and promptly identified, addressed and clarified in dialogue with the client before the actual planning and implementation process begins.

As independent consultants, we analyze all relevant aspects and dependencies of your construction project with you in interactive workshops.

A specialized contractor has expertise in a specific field and can only intervene in the areas allowed by his RBQ license.

The latter can still call on contractors of another specialization, but within certain limits. Indeed, a specialist can not subcontract with another specialized if he does not hold this subcategory in his license. The general contractor can subcontract work even without holding this license.

Another big difference between these two entrepreneurs is in the amount of the bond. In fact, the specialized contractor holds $ 10,000 for the bond and the general contractor has double the amount of $ 20,000.

Goals, facts, information, ideas, alternatives, approaches. Much is possible, but what is right? As a builder, who does not know this topic? As an independent consultant with interactive workshops, we offer you the opportunity to highlight the added value, dependencies, objectives and implementation priorities of your project in all project phases.

Within the scope of this offer, we undertake the preparation, implementation, management and documentation for planning workshops with decision-makers of the client. Conflicts of interest on the part of the participants can be identified early on, evaluated with regard to their effects and resolved by mutual agreement.

A mutual understanding of the complexities and dependencies of the construction task is created. The acceptance for the jointly developed result is increased. Current moderation techniques create the common communication and working basis for the project, which positively influences the interaction of all participants until the end of the project.


If you're ready to work with a general contractor in CT, get started by contacting our office today and we will come out and give you a free estimate for your project.