Exterior Painting Contractors In Connecticut

Exterior Painting Contractors In Connecticut

Looking for a reliable exterior painter in CT? 1stChoicePro's is Connecticut's best painting contractor when it comes to exterior painting, interior painting, commercial painting, and home renovation projects.

Our process for exterior painting starts with your end goal in mind. We know you want a clean exterior siding without things like moss, mold, dirt and other grimes things stealing your curb appeal.

We Start By Power-washing Your Home

Before we can start adding exterior primer onto your homes siding, we need to clean off all of the dirt and other grimes so we can get a clean painting job. You would not want the paint to go over the residue on your house because it would create bumps that are not appealing to the eye.

We use to notch pressure washers when we get the job done and these are pieces of equipment that 1stChoicePros in Connecticut owns. As a licensed contractor in Connecticut we feel it is important to physically own all of the property that is going to get the job done.

We Then Add Primer To Your Exterior Painting CT Project

Once power-washed, the home is now ready to get some primer attached to it. Primer makes the paint stick on more sustainably over time. This is increasingly important because the last thing you want is paint that slips off of the exterior siding in your home.

Adding The Final Touches With Top Grade Quality Paint

Now that the exterior siding in your home is clean and ready for some paint, we apply it. When applying the paint, we use careful tools with your homes look in mind.

We will paint the extrior siding of your home in CT with care and apply the perfect amount to give you the look and protection your home deserves.

After we coat the exterior, we can then let it sit, let it dry, and you now have the peace of mind that your homes exterior has been painted.

Ready To Get Started With A Painting Contractor In CT?

If you want to work with us on your exterior painting project, we ask that you contact us. We provide free estimates for our clients in the Connecticut area and we will give you a written estimate that keeps our competitors on their toes.

Start by filling out our contact form or by simply calling us at (860)554-0904 to request a time. We work on a Monday - Friday bases so we can visit your property at any of the times available. On occasions, we will come out on a Saturday or Sunday depending on the scope of the work.