Commercial Painting Contractors CT

Commercial Painting Contractors CT

1st Choice Painting and Remodeling has the commercial painter you can trust

If the exterior of your business is scaring away customers or you think the interior color is just ugly, instead of spending time and money on a DIY painting project, rely on the contractors at 1st Choice Painting and Remodeling.

For years, our commercial painters have been helping Connecticut business owners make their company more aesthetically appealing with quality services.

1st Choice Painting and Remodeling will come to your business and inform you of our commercial painting process so you know what to expect. Because of our expertise in the painting industry, we know the importance of properly completing each step and preparing the space to ensure your color choice glides on smooth.

With years of experience, exceptional customer care and quality services, it’s easy to see why business owners trust the commercial painters at 1st Choice Painting and Remodeling.

We’re confident in our ability to transform the interior or exterior of your company and guarantee your complete satisfaction. When you want your commercial property to look better than ever, let the painting contractors at 1st Choice Painting and Remodeling provide you with a free estimate today!

Commercial Painting In Connecticut

Have you ever imagined the world of blinds, those who are not able to see the wonderful colors of life, the beauty of nature and the shades of the sky?

We all know that life is so unromantic without colors, it is a colors that actually makes something or someone look beautiful. We ourselves have different choices for the colors of our daily attire, the dresses we wear, the shoes and even the sunglasses.

We are always choosy about the colours and the same is for the paints that we apply on our houses.

For such choices and preference of paints and colors, for all of your paintings be it home or business we, 1st Choice Pros are here to fulfill your every want and need regarding house paintings.

Why Commercial Painting Contractors?

1. Sound information

Business contractual workers have a sound information about similar paint composes and hues. They have broad experience and associations with a scope of providers to guarantee you get the best complete at the best cost. Also, they can give a total shading meeting, contemplating the temperament you are hoping for.

2. Deliberate approach

Standard working methods are followed to guarantee better outcomes and a higher nature of painting. Recognition to set down strategies guarantees that the quality and models are consistently kept up for the undertaking with no deviation.

3. Current hardware and instruments

The mechanical headway has likewise attacked the work of art industry as new age instruments and gadgets have been presented. Painting temporary workers have a stock of such hardware because of building up the required assets and associations with such organizations. One of the many advantages of setting up these associations with providers is that it guarantees access and accessibility to the most recent advances at the most focused cost.

4. Flexibility

Painting business offices isn't a 9 to 5 work. The work routine must be arranged in understanding to the necessities of the business. Along these lines, working at odd hours, including evenings and school occasions, is a standard desire received by business contractual workers.

Why 1st Choice Pros?

You must be questioning yourself that out of so many commercial painting contractors in Connecticut how can you evaluate the best, the one who can satisfy all your house painting desires and believe me the answer is way simple.

• Locally owned 1st Choice Pros has created a mark in Connecticut with its presence in the market over the years.

• With a huge customer base and hundreds of satisfied happy customers, we ensure quality work along with timeliness.

• Cleanliness is our top priority at every step of the process.

• Every employee that works with our company undergoes a training programme and that is why we call ourselves as Pros.

• Courtesy and quality are the keys to long-term commitment and healthy relationships.

You can get your work of painting done by any contractor or commercial painter but 1st Choice Pro your budget-friendly friend provides you with a set of professional commercial painters who can convert your painting choices into reality.

Is It Your One Stop Solution?

Be it commercial or residential painting there are certain questions that you ask yourself, certain myths that you are encountered with and also certain people around you answer them in a certain way with no logic associated.

Professional work is preferable than the traditional one, as the knowledge associated and the techniques used are prepared after extensive hard work and checking them through execution over samples which in-turn helps in increasing experience and efficiency.

The Pro’s here help you with the take-it-easy approach.

Painting the inside of a room can influence the space to seem littler?

Contingent upon what shading you paint the roof can influence the space to seem greater. For instance, in the event that you paint the roof light blue, the room will seem to have a considerably taller roof when actually, it is a similar stature it has dependably been.

On the off chance that you need to maintain a strategic distance from the roof seeming littler, make sure you utilize a medium shade on the dividers and a shade or two darker on the roof.

Painting dividers white are institutional?

Sure, you can paint dividers white and get a spooky inclination that it's excessively institutional, yet in the event that you pick an alternate shade of white, you'll appreciate a warm, welcoming and notwithstanding alleviating feeling. In addition, white can add vitality to the room!

In the event that you paint a life with dull hues, it'll influence the space to seem littler?

To create an impression, darker hues are normally utilized, yet comprehend this doesn't generally shout "little room." If you have light floors, apparatuses, a ton of common light and light-hued furniture, the bolder, darker hues will just include identity, not take away size.

In the event that you spruce up one divider in your home, you should do them all?

This isn't the situation. More often than not, the match that you use to spruce up a divider is sufficiently close where the normal visitor won't see a distinction. So as opposed to sprucing up each divider, paint divider by-divider as required.

In case you're offering your home, purchasers will need to repaint what you've officially painted?

While there is some reality to this, numerous purchasers are searching for a home that is move-in prepared and does not require any work of art subsequent to moving. Most will paint a room or two, in case you're offering, we suggest you complete the greater part of the artwork before-hand.

Basic Maintenance Provided by Us

The basic maintenance before and after the painting work is an important part of our service and its knowledge and expertise make us different from the crowd.

• Focus on Exterior: When you own a business, your facility’s exterior says a lot about your care and attention to detail. Make sure that your exterior paint job looks fantastic. How? Carefully examine your facility’s façade on a quarter-by-quarter basis, making any small and minor repairs and touch-ups to ensure your building says what you want it to about your brand.

• Pressure Washing: Pressure washing is a fantastic way to focus on your building’s exterior. Consider pressure washing on a regular basis, and you’ll notice that your paint job continues to shine, even as it ages. Dust, dirt, grime, pollen and other blemishes can prematurely age a paint job that still has years left.

• Know the Cleaning Tricks: A little household bleach mixed with water should do the trick. Need to remove rust stains from your building’s exterior? A half cup of Epsom salt mixed with water will help zap that corrosion. As mentioned, use a pressure washer for basic dirt and grime that’s sure to build up over time.

• Watch Your Utilities: A lot of damage to paint both indoors and outdoors is related to your utilities. Your air conditioning especially can leak and cause significant damage to your building’s paint job. By scheduling regular maintenance for your air conditioning system, you’re also helping to prevent damage to your building’s paint job, both inside and out.

• Invest in Maintenance: You can choose to neglect your commercial paint job and pay for an expensive re-application in just a few years. Or, you can invest in commercial paint maintenance and get many more years out of your existing paint job — while saving a lot of money. Take advantage of preventative upkeep measures, and ensure your paint job performs for years to come.

Commercial Painting Services In CT Provided by 1st Choice Pro:

• Outside Painting

• Inside Painting

• Stockroom Ceiling Painting

• Electrostatic Painting

• Scrape Resistant Wall Coatings

• Solid Tilt-up Buildings

• Epoxy Flooring Systems

• Line Striping and Bin Marking

• Power Trowel Concrete Polishing

• Corporate Office Painting

• Parking structure Painting and Flooring

• Painting and Flooring for Retail Spaces

• Painting and Flooring for Schools and Universities

• Painting and Flooring Services for Country Clubs and Golf Courses

• Painting and Floor Coatings for Churches and Places of Worship

• Painting for Health Care Facilities

• Painting and Floor Coatings for Auto Dealers

• Painting and Floor Coatings for Commercial Property Managers

• Mechanical Cleaning

• Plant, Holiday and Shutdown Work

• Low-VOC Painting

• Drywall Repair, Tape and Texture

• Backdrop Removal and Installation Services

• Spray painting Removal and Anti-Graffiti Coatings

• Liquid Applied Roof Coatings

• Vitality Efficient Roof Coatings

Commercial Painting And Residential Painting

Many painting contractors just take one and not the other sort of painting work, which means some would just do business and some would do solely private. Each gathering would have a large group of reasons why one is superior to the next to help their position. What's more, actually, the private painting is very not quite the same as business.

Business painting contractors have the capacity to keep pace with the timetable, work intimately with different contractual workers and handle high feelings of anxiety. To aggregate it up, the business painter is creative and effectiveness arranged.

A run of the mill private painting contractual worker is more casual and subtle. Private employment requires a high level of correspondence with proprietors and high calibre. Private painters are responsive to what the planner asks for and appreciate a considerably more unsurprising workplace.

Quality Materials That We Use

One of the most important reasons for painting failure and painting problems is the quality of material that has been used while doing the job.

Choosing the right product which can provide long-term results is a necessary task and therefore choosing a right paint is also as important as choosing a right house painter.

Paint Types

Quality of any paint can be determined only by its ingredients and their grade. Paints can be categorized as one of the general classifications of eggshell, semi-sparkle, level or shine.

There is always a need to apply primer first and then carry on the painting work thereafter as the primer provides a good base for further Paints which are yet to be applied. Moreover, it helps in protecting the concerned material.

Most probably primers are oil based and water based which can be used with both oil paints and normal paints for safety and protection purpose.

A uniquely defined paint used to develop haziness underneath complete coats, maybe a couple layers of first coat paint are normally required before the beautiful complete coat is connected.

When you have connected the base coats or washed down already painted surfaces and flushed them all together, you are prepared to apply the ornamental wrap up or the one which is known as decorative.

Special Paints

Sometimes we use formulated paints which are task specific. We can use regular types of paints for house painting but for specific places we use such paints which is actually worth it.

• Metal Paint

Polished, smooth and finished metal paints can be utilized inside or remotely while a few kinds can be connected straight finished rust. It requires clean brushes, as opposed to mineral soul.

• Customary Paints

Items, for example, distemper and lime wash, and additionally scopes of conventional hues, would now be able to be acquired moderately effectively.

• Washroom or Kitchen Paints

These pads oppose contagious development and dampness superior to standard details.

• Floor Paint

Floor paints are regularly dissolvable based and exceptionally hardwearing. New solid floors ought to be left to cure totally before painting.

• Dividers and Ceilings

These are regularly painted with level paint. Use of mist coat to prime revealed block work dividers and rooftops or apply extraordinary quality level particularly onto the surface.

Painting your house can be rewarding, but you must consider all aspects before starting the house paint, so you can finish your project safely and efficiently. Quality materials will last longer and look more beautiful without quick fading.

The Effective Exterior Painting

A commercial painter that you have ever seen do the work for the money that pays in return but there are some business ethics which must be followed and We at 1st Choice Pro adhere to such ethics and rules that we prepared for ourselves.

Climate conditions drastically impact the nature of a paint and therefore exterior painting must take utmost care.

Some points to be remembered:


They should paint a 2-4-inch wide strip on the roof where it meets the divider. A decent outside painter should work over the short side to keep up a wet edge.


Begin at the highest point of the divider and work on a level plane on flat siding and vertically on the vertical siding.


Watch the outside painter's procedures while they paint forming, screens, windows and entryways. This ought to be a smooth procedure and more often than not a smooth complete thus.


An accomplished outside painter knows to begin in a corner slantingly inverse the exit. Begin in a corner and work on the short side to keep up a wet edge.

Basic Tips for Exterior Painting

A paint upkeep program created and actualized by proficient outside painting temporary workers includes a progression of reviews at customary interims. Amid investigations, experienced business painters will do a visual appraisal of the considerable number of zones, searching for:

• Corrective imperfections.

• Breaks, gaps and flowering.

• Coatings, siding or cladding materials that have all the earmarks of being isolating.

• Signs that may demonstrate the nearness of dampness in building parts.

• Broad water harm and basic issues like noteworthy misalignment in divider congregations.

In the event that any issues are recognized, the depiction contractual workers will discover their sources, assess their degree and demonstrate legitimate therapeutic measures. Subsequent to finding a way to settle every one of the issues, the experts will suggest the best covering answers for the outside and inside surfaces influenced.

To keep up a key separation from basic mischief to the building, you should in like manner have your business office looked into instantly following high breezes, hail, substantial downpours and ocean storms.

The Effective Interior Painting

For a better interior painting, there are certain steps and some kind of procedure which you must follow and that is why the professional painters here has a predefined series of steps to be followed while painting the interior.

Set-up - Items are secured with spotless, new plastic sheeting so that there won't be any loss of property.

Plan - All dividers sanded, openings and splits in roofs and dividers are filled and stains are fixed and surfaces are scrape sanded and prepared.

Paint - Repaired regions are prepared and premium quality paint is connected to a clean and perfect, uniform wrap up.

Clean - Furniture and adornments are moved back to their coveted areas. Floors and covers are vacuumed and cleared. Surfaces are cleaned and wiped off. The majority of our materials are expelled.

Examine - After our own particular examination, you are welcome to investigate our work and approached to finish the input card for the team and a paint organization survey.

Basic Tips for Interior Painting

• To maintain a strategic distance from lap marks, roll the full stature of the divider and keep a wet edge.

• Blend a few jars of paint in a huge can for a predictable shading all through the room.

• Give the paint a chance to dry, at that point cut the tape free for an impeccable edge.

• Paint the trim �rst, at that point the roof and dividers.

• Prime and surface divider patches to keep away from a smudged �nish.

• Clean messy surfaces so the paint can frame a solid bond.

• Move paint along the edges of the predictable surface.

• Utilize cotton drop materials instead of plastic.

• Quill out paint where you can't keep a wet edge.

• Sand trim between coats for an ultra-smooth �nish.

The Best color Choices

Colours, as mentioned above, are very crucial not only for painting but also for life. Making a decent choice while selecting the perfect colour for your home or business is also as important as the choice of a perfect painting contractor and suitable painting materials.


What makes a difference even in a simple thing is the shades of colours that make things look more catchy and beautiful.

Shades are also very important for painting as every part of the process is crucial because it is for the long term and it leaves a lasting effect in the eyes of people.

The selection of colour shades for a house painting is different from that of an office and another point to be noted is that the selection also depends upon the natural and artificial lights used.

To paint your home light colour shades are more suitable as these colours have a better effect even in dim or low light areas while for your business the selection of colour shades depends upon the atmosphere that you want to build inside the arena.


Apart from the shades another important aspect while painting your house is the use of proper combinations of colours to decorate the walls.

For a pleasant and soothing effect of painting one dark and three light colour combination is suggested.

Commercial painting contractors are much more than the traditional painters that you have met for the regular tasks and short-term works, they are professionally trained for each and every task they have to perform, the execution process of painting is not merely using brushes and rollers for them but is a journey that they have to complete in stipulated time period with perfection and cleanliness.

Where we treat colour shades and combinations as the soothing element these people work hard to give their best touch for your needs and desires.

The bad works and the failures while colouring or texturing any wall can be eliminated to a great extent and risk is minimised as the basic key points that definitely make a difference are considered by the professionals while performing their duties are:

• Expertise

• Training

• Technology; and

• Preparation

Commercial Business Painters are proficient and perform every task as per the desires. Going the additional mile to make clients cheerful. Also, they'll complete a superb painting work without upsetting your day by day exercises. By employing an incredible business painting temporary worker, you won't just get the ideal outcomes, yet in addition spare a great deal of time and cash.

1st Choice Pro can be your hand while painting your dreams and dream house in the most efficient and effective way.