Where To Start When Remodeling Your Bathroom

Where To Start When Remodeling Your Bathroom

Thinking of remodeling your bathroom but don’t know where to start? Well, we do. At 1st Choice Painting and Remodeling, we turn your vision into beautiful and functional full baths, master baths, and half baths – big or small. There are many questions to ask yourself before taking on a significant and often costly renovation to your home. We’ve got the breakdown for you here. Read on…

Admit it. This is a pretty important room. It’s where we start and end most of our days. Our beauty and hygiene routines live here. And at times, it’s where we find some peace and quiet. It’s a room assigned to hefty high quality of life issues. It deserves questions, answers and lots of planning.

 Which bathroom do I want to remodel?

For the sake of this practical blog, we’re going to cover the checklist of renovating a full bath. We’ve also got plenty to share on master baths and small bathrooms, but for now we’ll stick to the basics.

Who uses this bathroom?

Not everyone in your household is the same. Be sure you consider all occupants – short and tall, young and old, neat and messy – who will benefit most from this renovation. If this is the main bathroom, then there needs to be a place for everyone’s toiletries. Be sure to consider vanity space, wall cabinets, over-the-toilet space savers and other storage options to give everyone their own real estate in a shared space. If you’ve got little ones, you might want to steer clear of tall sinks or comfort height toilets. Same goes for evaluating the bathing preferences of your household. Recessed shower cubbies or shelves can accommodate multiple bathers and their plethora of cleansing products. And safety grab bars will benefit everyone – young, elderly and those groggy morning folks, too.

How do I want the bathroom to look?

Step back and evaluate what currently works in your bathroom. Keep in mind that moving plumbing is a huge (and not always guaranteed) undertaking so work with what you have. Is the position of everything satisfactory but that robin egg blue vanity sink isn’t doing it for you anymore? Think simple, yet think big. Are you talking traditional with vanities and a bathtub? Minimalist with subway tiles and frameless glass doors? Or spa-inspired with heated floors and multiple shower heads? You can find your inspirations in magazines, Pinterest boards, HGTV programs or simply by wandering around your local home improvement store.

How much will this cost me?

Typically, 25-40% of the cost of a bathroom remodel will fall under the labor and installation (https://www.hgtv.com/remodel/bathroom-remodel/bathroom-remodeling-costs) category. Keeping that in mind, your wish list for the rest of should be split amongst the remainder. At 1st Choice Painting and Remodeling, we will thoroughly explain what you can expect from your remodeling project.

Let us review what can stay, what can be done at a lower cost, what needs to be done now and what can wait for another day. We understand that the bathroom remodeling costs have gone up due to high end material. We’ll talk about fixed costs, estimated costs and where you should leave some wiggle room. It’s important to allow for unforeseeable expenses and we promise honest communication throughout your renovation.

The Fixtures: Do not skimp on value when it comes to the improvements of your bathroom that will get the most wear and tear. Quality faucets, efficient shower heads, sturdy basins, effective lighting…these are the staples of a functional and comfortable bathroom. Be sure your budget ranks these first to avoid the cost of unnecessary repairs and replacements down the road. We will help you determine which bath/shower combinations work best to suit the needs of your family and your budget, from free-standing tubs to luxury steam showers and everything in between.

The Walls: Paint, wallpaper, tile, wainscoting? You have several choices that can flexibly fit within your budget. Choose a basic mildew-resistant paint or splurge with glass mosaic tiles. No matter your choice, be sure it can withstand the heat and moisture of a washroom.

The Floors: Lots of options for your tootsies. From tile to quartz to heated flooring, there are selections to fit your budget AND style.

The Storage: There are 3 main considerations when choosing storage options: the number of household members who will be using this bathroom, the square footage of the bathroom, and your personal style preference. If there are a lot of folks, you need a lot storage. It’s simple math. A sink with a wide counter and cabinets beneath is sensible as well as an upright floor cabinet. Extra shelves and pockets installed on the shower walls are also a bonus. If space is an issue, consider over-the-toilet space savers and floating storage such as wall cabinets and storage shelves.

The Fun Stuff: Don’t forget to include the finishing touches such as mirrors, towel bars and shower curtains when planning your expenses.

How long will my bathroom remodel take?

Obviously, the scope of work will determine just how long your bathroom will be out of commission. Once you have your initial consultation with 1st Choice Painting and Remodeling, you can expect a waiting period for planning, contracts, building permits, and ordering of fixtures. To help moves things along, bring measurements, water/electrical sources and any relevant history of your home to your consultation. Once we get started, you can expect less time for plumbing, electrical and fixture hookup than you can for demolition, drywall, and tile & flooring. If this is your only lavatory, we will need to prioritize the jobs with you.

Let’s do it!

While this is currently your bathroom, don’t overlook the benefits of a bathroom remodel on the resell value of your home. Make it your own but keep it practical enough for future homeowners to come. For example, eliminating a tub or installing high counters and toilets might deter a potential buyer with wee ones. If you don’t plan on this being your forever home, think ahead. If you plan on growing old under this roof, go for it!

And don’t forget – just because you might not have the funds for everything you envisioned doesn’t mean you can’t keep a small list of enhancements tucked away for down the road.

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