Mastering Your Master Bath

Remodeling Your Personal Oasis

A master bathroom is different than most bathrooms. It’s private, it’s convenient and it’s all yours – no obligation to share with the kids or your guests. With this exclusivity comes the option (and privilege!) of customizing your master bathroom to suit your needs and preferences. Let 1st Choice Painting and Remodeling turn this hidden haven into your secret spa. Regardless if you’re worried about the cost of a bathroom, ensure to read more in this article.

Having More Space In Your Bathroom 

Two is company in most master baths and that means room enough for both of you to get the most out of your time bathing, primping and relaxing.

  • Double sinks are the legend of a master bath but that isn’t your only option. If you can find a way to take turns rinsing and gargling, that extra footage can conveniently be reassigned to counter space. With a defogging mirror perpendicular to the sink/counter area, it’s a perfect setup for individual places to do your hygienic thing!
  • Plan on plenty of storage for your separate toiletries and intimates. If your master bath floor plan is expansive, we can design walk-in closets, bench seating or common areas for freestanding vanity cabinets. If you’re contained to one room, under the sink/counter storage is ideal for grooming accoutrements, towels and more. Be sure to remember the need for extra shelving and cubbies in the bathing area, too. (A small hidden area assigned to cleaning supplies keeps the maintenance of your master bathroom easier, too.)

Having Privacy In Your Bathroom

Just because you share the bathroom doesn’t mean you have to share everything. Something as simple as a separate toilet room can enhance the accessibility of your master bath. Even a simple touch such as individual towel racks allow you and your partner to experience the conveniences of a private bath while sharing the space designed for two.

Now don’t forget the things you DO want to share. Explore the options of an extra large tub…maybe with effervescent, heated air jets? Or maybe a steam shower with multiple shower-heads?

 Luxury Options For Your Bathroom 

If your budget allows you to convert your master bath into a spa getaway, the list of indulgent features is endless. Here are some favorites:

  • Shiver at the thought of stepping onto that cold tile? Pamper your feet with heated flooring. This is especially enjoyable in cold rooms such as those above a garage.
  • One of you prefers a shower while the other prefers a bath? No problem. Consider a wet room where a freestanding tub and shower area share the same space. Think tiles. Think frameless glass doors. Neat, huh?
  • If you want the option of watching a little TV while soaking in the bubble bath but don’t fancy having a screen in your master bath, there’s the choice of a mirror TV. When not in use, it mimics a standard mirror. Technology meets luxurious decor.

If those extravagances are out of range, treat yourself to the little things. Remember, this is your private space to share, relax and make your own.

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