Big Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Whether it’s a loft apartment loo or a powder room off the parlor, small bathrooms have their own unique challenges. Just because they’re limited in size doesn’t mean you have to compromise style and functionality. At 1st Choice Painting and Remodeling, we specialize in making the most of your tiny space. No job – or bathroom – is too small.

It’s an Illusion!

You don’t need a magician to make your small bathroom appear larger. There are many ways to trick the eye into seeing a bigger space. You also don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on remodeling your bathroom with a luxury feel.

  • The strongest impact you can make on the perceived size of your small bathroom is what you do with the walls. Your choice of dark paint or busy wallpaper can bring depth and noise to the room which translates to a wider view.
  • With precise lighting choices, you can bring attention to multiple areas of the room and highlight more places to look. Task lighting over the sink or vanity, sconce lights and overhead ambient lighting make effective combinations.
  • Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors. What better way to enlarge a space than with its own reflection? (Be respectful of placement. No one wants to feel “watched” while powdering one’s nose.)
  • Enhance the site line from floor to ceiling. Consider a curbless walk-in shower stall, a frameless glass shower door or hanging an extra long curtain from a super high rod.

 Making the Most of Your Space

A small footprint is already challenging so let’s not add more to the floor. Fixture and storage options above the ground give you more to see and less to maneuver.

  • A bulky sink can suck the space out of any bathroom so make the best choice for your square footage: a pedestal sink or vessel sink are good standalone options. Keep the floor free with a wall hung sink or a sink with floating vanity. A console sink with open shelving underneath adds to your storage options, too.
  • Floating storage is key to organizing tiny spaces. This includes shelving and wall cabinets. Look for those designed with open shelves or sliding doors to decrease the space needed to swing open doors.
  • Speaking of swinging doors, not every home (or budget) can accommodate this enhancement but pocket doors are a unique and practical space saver.

 Breathing Room

In addition to space restraints, a smaller bathroom can pose some additional problems. Be sure to install proper ventilation, especially in the absence of windows. Condensation from steamy hand washing and showering can turn to mold and fungi quickly in a modest, unventilated area. Vents and fans also help tackle typical bathroom odors including fumes from cleaning supplies.

You think big while we tackle the small. Call us at 860-554-0904 for a free estimate to transform your tiny bath into a fabulous nook. At 1st Choice Painting and Remodeling, we offer 10% off first time new clients! Contact us today to receive a free estimate on your bathroom remodeling project.