How to Pressure Wash Your Walls To Remove Dirt and Dust Buildup

How To Pressure Wash Walls | Full Guide

how to pressure wash your walls

Pressure washing is one of the most effective ways to clean items around the house, or even the house itself. The pressure washer is the quickest way to clean your house exteriors because the high-pressure stream can penetrate textures surfaces, removing debris in the process. In this article, I will guide you on how to pressure wash walls on a home, and remove dirt and dust buildup.

Getting Started With Power washing

• To make your job easier, you need to remove all obstacles around that could cause a trip

• Cover nearby plants

• Cover light fixtures and electrical components

• Close your windows and doors

• For heavily soiled walls, use a rotating scrub brush

• Ensure the washer has enough oil if using gas

• Lubricate the pump

Rinse your walls to bring down any large gunk such as leaves, spider webs, or nests. All this can make the job harder if you apply the solution immediately. I used my hose to rinse the top of the walls, and everything came down with the water. Once you are done, you can wash your walls with a detergent solution. Before you start spraying, keep in mind that pressure washers are very strong and can peel off paint, which is not your intention.

Depending on the washer’s psi, stand a few feet away from the wall and use your fan-spray nozzle instead of the stream nozzle. You should also avoid praying at low angles if your wall has siding as water could pass beneath the boards to your insulation. Spray the solution from the bottom up to avoid streaking, and rinse from the top down to prevent dirty water running on the clean surface.


Pressure washing walls can be an easy task as long as you know what you are doing. I hope that this guide on how to pressure wash walls on home to remove dirt and dust build-up without much hassle. Have you ever pressure washed your wall? Why don’t you tell us about it and the tips you learnt?
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