How To Prime Walls Before Painting

Adding Primer Before Painting Your Walls

how to apply primer onto your walls before painting

You need to apply the right primer so that your painting project can run smoothly. There are different types of primers available in the market.

If you can contact experts such as 1st Choice Pros, they will advise you on the right primer you need to apply on the walls.

The right primer should hide blemishes on your walls so that the final paint will look attractive. The way you apply the primer also contributes to a perfect paint job. Regardless if you’re painting a door or a whole house, follow these steps.

Clean The Walls Before Applying The Primer

You need to clean the walls well so that the primer can stick well. An all-purpose cleaner can help you clean all the dirt which can interfere with the primer. Use clean water to remove all dirt from the wall so that the paint can adhere well.

Scrap Off The Loose Paint 

If there was an original paint which is about to peel off, you need to scrap if off using a putty knife. Ensure you remove all the loose paint before you start applying the primer because failure to do so can lead to the primer peeling off.

Fine grade sandpaper can be applied to remove all loose paint from your walls before you start applying the primer. You can read more about removing loose paint here.

Use A Blue Painters Tape To Mask Off Edges 

If there are areas such as the floorboards and ceilings where you would not like to paint, then you should consider applying a tape to protect the primer and paint from reaching those areas.

Apply The Primer 

You need to mix the primer well and apply it on the walls. Apply it evenly using a paint roller. After application, you should let the primer dry before you head to apply the final paint. We usually recommend letting the primer dry for 2-3 hours. As most primers are said to dry within 1 hour, we recommend you wait some time to be safe.

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