How to Paint Your Homes Exterior

6 Simple Steps: How To Paint Your Homes Exterior

1st choice pros how to paint your homes exterior

There are several steps you need to take so that you can achieve the best painting project. If you choose to paint your exterior, then you need to start by preparing the walls.

Today, we present 6 easy steps to take to paint your homes exterior without killing your budget and your back. 1st Choice Pro’s are professional Connecticut house painters providing exterior painting services.

1. Pressure-wash the walls

To remove all dirt which can interfere with the painting process, you need to pressure wash the walls and remove all dirt. Pressure washing removes all loose particles making your walls stay clean and ready for the painting job.

2. Repair Damaged Surfaces

You cannot apply paint to damaged surfaces. Look for a tape and sealant to repair the damaged walls. After applying a sealant to the damaged walls, you need to make them smooth so that paint can spread evenly. You can caulk trim some areas to allow for even paint application.

3. Remove Loose Paint

Loose paint on your exterior can develop due to different reasons. For example, the stains may develop due to the initial paint exposure to the harsh weather. Remove all the loose paint to allow room for the new paint to adhere.

4. Prime Stains

If there are some hard stains on your exterior walls, then you need to prime them with a suitable primer which will hide them.

5. Protect Doors and Windows

Before you apply the paint, you need to protect areas where you would not like to paint. You need to protect doors and windows. You can apply a tape to protect the areas before the paint job begins.

Unless you plan on painting your doors, it is highly recommend that you take this step in protecting yourself.

6. Paint the Exterior

The final step involves applying your paint. Follow the right steps as per your type of paint. Some paint will require special care so that they can spread evenly.

When painting your exterior, we recommend you use ladders to reach significant areas on your home.


The above are simple steps you can follow to apply paint on your exterior. Painting your exterior is necessary because it improves the aesthetic appeal of your home as well as the protection of your exterior.