How To Paint And Trim Doors

Painting And Trimming Doors 

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It is essential for the body of your house to have a good appearance, but it is good to pay attention when you are panting the trim and doors.

These parts need special attention because they are very vulnerable to paint failure. They have joints where water and can enter if the joints are not sealed properly. As professional Painters In CT, we’re going to cover how to DIY paint and trim your doors.

Use High-Gloss Alkyd

Doors need high-gloss alkyd because these are the most used parts in the house. Latex enamel can also hold up nicely.

If the door had been painted with the high-gloss paint before, it is good to use DE glosser to clean the surface and dull the finish. If a metal door or wood has not been painted, or when expose bare metal or wood by sanding, use the appropriate primer.

In Order To Prevent Runs And Drips, Remove Your Door And Lay Flat On The Sawhorses.

Ensure that you paint both the bottom and top of the door especially if it’s a wooden door. If you fail, you expose the door to the moisture and can cause it to swell and warp.

Use a mini-pad paint applicator which allows you to paint the bottom edge whiles the door raining intact without removing it. Doors are made of different shape but the most common is a flat surface.

If your door has a flat surface, you should paint it with two – or three-inch-wide brush, roller, sprayer or pad. A roller typically makes a stippled finish which may not give good appearance on surfaces to close up. When you use the roller for speed, you should back brush.

If your door is paneled, using the brush is the best option. Start painting the panels first. Horizontal cross pieces should follow (the rails) and lastly, finish by painting the vertical pieces.When sanding, Paint with the grain.


Remember when you purchase a new door, it might appear to be white; however, this is a just the primer. It recommended you to paint the door so that it is protected and kept unspoiled. You also improve its appearance. Are you ready to try out? Good luck!

If you have any troubles, you can always contact a professional painting contractor such as 1st Choice Pro’s.