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Are you looking for leading Vernon, CT house painters? Look no further for 1st Choice Pros is the premier in the Vernon, Connecticut area with over 10 years of experience in industrial painting services. We are home to professionally skilled painters who master the art of turning your worn out and outdated house to your dream home.

We realize that peeling paint, walls devoid of life, and inanimate ceilings all contribute to a house lacking any energy or vibe. Therefore, our team of experts is trained to breathe in a new life to your house, inside out.

We also specialize in commercial painting, interior painting, drywall installations, pressure wash and exterior painting in addition to various home improvement services.

Vernon, CT House Painters Process

Our licensed professionals make sure everything is done in accordance with your demands to make your dream home a reality. Our process for House Painting in Vernon, CT is simple and easy to follow.

Cleanup and pressure wash

We start off by decluttering and removing any objects that can potentially hinder our painting process. Once your space is devoid of all the furniture, animals or insects and other unwanted objects, we start off with the painting process.

In exterior painting projects, we pressure wash the exterior so that any dust or grime is removed. This lets the paint settle in uniformly and gives your house painting a seamless finish.

Adding primer to the walls

After the house is clean a primer is added to the walls. The primer acts as a strong foundation for the paint and makes it even more durable. The paint applied after the primer comes as smooth and uniform.

Applying paint

1st Choice Pros, owing to its status as a home improvement contractor in Vernon, Connecticut, has a wide range of paints available at very competitive prices. The paints our Vernon, CT house painters use are high quality and durable. Moreover, a couple of coats of paint are applied until a smooth, lustrous final look is attained.

We finally clean your house to give you a sleek and tidy look because we believe leaving an unkempt house after a painting job goes against our work ethic. Your house is left just as you desire it should look after painting.

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1st Choice Pros is Connecticut’s most reliable house painting company renowned for its exceptional customer services. Contact us today for a free estimate of your property and step forward towards your dream home.

You can schedule your free estimate with our customer support at any time suitable for you. Our team of experts will visit your home and analyze your requirements.

Thereafter, we come up with an estimate for your house painting in Vernon, CT. A project manager is assigned to you to cater to all your needs while the project is being commenced.

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