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If you are looking for professional Tolland, CT house painters, 1st Choice Pro’s is for you. Winning the hearts of the residents and homeowners of Connecticut, 1st Choice Pros has established itself as a name of trust and reliability.

With decades of experience in home improvement and industrial painting, 1st Choice Pros is home to professionals who have an eye for detail for every painting job at hand.

We master the art of ameliorating your home’s curb appeal to an extremely worthwhile level. Our customers not only experience exceptional services but are also dealt with extra care from our customer support. We are, therefore, awarded for being the best in customer care in the Connecticut area.

Services by Our Tolland CT House Painters

1st Choice Pros has expanded its status as a home improvement company to further provide expertise in the areas of house painting, home remodeling, and commercial painting. We offer a plethora of services in the home improvement and house painting sector. Our services include:

Pressure Washing

A powerful pressure wash carried out by professionals who are specifically trained to do the job serves as an extremely important step in the house painting process. A clean and devoid of any dust exterior serves as a perfect base for new paint. Pressure wash after a certain amount of time also eliminates the need to repaint your property.

Interior Painting

A lifeless exterior is a major cause of your energies going down as soon as you enter your house. A murky and dull environment with paint peeling off the walls not only affects your living experience but also deteriorates the strength of your walls. A good interior paint can help breathe in a new life into your interior for a sound and improved living.

Exterior Painting

Exterior painting can greatly enhance the look and feel and the curb appeal of your house. Old and worn out paint further accumulates dust and grime which eat your walls away. A fresh coat of durable, weather resistant paint help protects your home’s exterior.

We provide a plethora of services all under one roof. To check out more services by 1st Choice Pro please head over to our services page.

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Get a free estimate for your Tolland, CT house painting job. Our team of experts will visit your property for determining the approximate cost of getting the job done.

Once the project officially starts you are assigned to a project manager who takes up the responsibility of catering to your queries throughout the process.

Once the project is undertaken by our professionals you need not worry. Just hold on to a little patience and see your dream home, coming into existence right in front of your eyes.

For our Tolland, CT house painters, our customers are our number one priority. Therefore, we make sure there is no negligence or misconduct from our side.

So are you ready to get your dream home painted? Contact 1st Choice Pros today and get a free estimate for your property.