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Is your home in dire need or repainting and remodeling? Are you looking for the best in Manchester, CT house painters?

1st Choice Pros are Manchester, CT’s premier house painting company with over 10 years of experience in industrial painting it the area. We are home to one of the finest painters in Connecticut. 1st Choice Pros proudly serve a happy, satisfied, and ever-increasing customer base in Manchester, CT.

Whether it’s interior or exterior painting or a mere pressure wash, 1st Choice Pros have it all under one roof. Our professional painters are thoroughly trained to skillfully deliver a seamless finish on every painting job. Moreover, our designers have an eye for detail and assist you in your house painting projects to give nothing but the best.

Our Painting Process

We have a simple painting process which includes:

  • Pressure Washing – The space that needs to be painted is cleared of any unwanted objects that can potentially damage the uniformity of the final look after painting. Pressure wash helps remove any dust or grime that stubbornly settles on the surface of your house.
  • Priming – Priming is the best way to protect the surface of your walls, decks, doors or any other part of your home. Primers help in adequate paint adhesion and extend the durability of the paint. A few coats of primer serve as a perfect base for the paint.
  • Painting – The most crucial step is painting. The process is carried out with marked efficiency. For we realize that uneven coats give a very substandard look to your home. We at 1st Choice Pros make sure the paint coats come out as smooth, lustrous and seamless. Our users have testified our painting projects to be an extremely worthwhile experience.
  • Cleanup – A messy house after a painting job is inevitable but we as a house painting company take it upon ourselves to clean up the space after the job is done. Leaving the space unkempt and untidy is against our work ethic.

Interior and Exterior Painting in Manchester, CT

1st Choice Pros have been serving the residents of Connecticut with extraordinary house painting services and continue to serve in the Manchester, CT area.

Worn out walls and peeling paint greatly reduce your living experience. We have ingenious ideas to repaint your interior and give it a new life. Get rid of the lifeless interior and contact 1st Choice Pros today.

1st Choice Pros also master painting exteriors. The exterior of your house is the major contributor towards it’s curb appeal. Old decaying exteriors accumulate grime and dust which harm the structure of your house. Exterior painting can help protect the exterior of your house against harsh weather conditions and delay the wearing out process.

Pressure Washing in Manchester, CT

1st Choice Pros provide the services of pressure washing in the area of Manchester, CT. Pressure washing is a great way of getting rid of excess material that accumulates on the surface of your house in the course of time. Painting done after pressure wash comes out as smooth and uniform.

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