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1st Choice Pros has been serving as the best Coventry, CT House Painters for the past many decades. Offering a multitude of home improvement and house painting services to the homeowners and residents of Connecticut, we have built our name on the foundations of trust and reliability.

Our professionals tend to licensed services to paint or repaint your home. We have an eye for detail when taking over any home improvement task and this has been proved by our ever-increasing number of happy content customers.

1st Choice Pros offers pressure washing, interior painting, exterior painting and commercial painting for the residents of Coventry, CT. The easiest way out there to change the look and feel of your home is by applying a fresh coat of paint on your dull lifeless walls. This not only gives a resplendent look to your home but also extends the durability of the walls.

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As Coventry, CT House Painters we offer a no obligation, free estimate for your house painting project. Contact us today to get yours. Our team of experts visits your place to analyze your requirements before giving you an estimate for your house painting project in Coventry, CT.

Coventry, CT House Painters – The Painting Process

1st Choice Pros have a carefully crafted a sequence of steps for painting your ideal home.

Pressure Wash: We start off with pressure washing the surface in order to remove any dust or grime that stubbornly settles on the surface. The pressure wash ensures an even uniform paint coat later on. Pressure was can also diminish the need for repainting your house after every few years.

Primer: Multiple layers of primer go on to the surface before any paint. Primers ensure the paint lasts long and stays strong.

Painting: Being home improvement contractors in Coventry, CT we have discounted prices for paints because of our connections with the various top of the line paint companies. Our professionals are trained to put even layers of paint that look nothing but flawless.

Cleanup: Painting a house often leads to messy spaces. 1st Choice Pros believes in leaving your house in a flawless state and therefore work to clean the space after the job has been done.

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So are you ready to paint your dream home? Our Coventry, CT house painters are your answer to all you house painting needs. Be it interior painting, pressure washing or exterior painting we have you all covered. 1st Choice Pros also provide the residents of Coventry, CT with extensive services in the home improvement, kitchen and bathroom remodeling sector.

Our customers are our 1st priority and we make every effort in making sure not even a single dollar investment from your side ever goes to waste at our end.

Contact 1st Choice Pros today and get your free estimate. Get set to finally have the experience of living in your dream home in Coventry, CT.