The Complete Guide To Painting A House Deck In Connecticut

Painting A House Deck In Connecticut | The Complete Guide

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You can bring that lifeless back to life with an extra touch of paint and creative designs. However, painting has to be handled with utmost care, lest you end up having an ugly looking deck. Regardless if you’re painting kitchen cabinets, a home in Connecticut, you should follow a step by step process to painting.

Steps To Painting A House Deck In Connecticut 

Prepare the needed materials
It is very important to gather the necessary materials before starting this task at hand. These materials can be categorized into;
• Painting materials
• Cleaning Materials
• Protection materials
Prepare the deck for painting
Once the necessary materials have been gathered, it is now to prepare your deck to be painted. You will have to get rid of any obstructions in the working place, for easier movement while painting. In addition, this is to ensure no objects tamper with the paint you intend to use. In case there are any rooted things on the deck, you can cover them by using a drop cloth to keep them from the splattered paint.
Make the necessary repairs
Before you start painting your deck, it is very important you do a thorough survey. This necessary activity has to be carried out mainly concentrating on the parts in direct contact with the ground. Ensure the poles, beams and joists are in good condition. If that is not the case, ensure significant repairs and replacements are conducted on the affected parts.
Clean the Deck
Cleaning the deck is very vital. It ensures you get rid of cobwebs, dust and debris that might mix with the paint. Clean the surfaces by intensively scrub them using water, detergent, longhand scrub brush and a sponge.
Once scrubbing has been done, you can rinse the chemical used with clean water. This goes a long way to remove chemicals that might mix with the paint, decreasing its efficiency.
Sand the surfaces to be painted
Scraping the surfaces is very efficient in removing old paint and smoothening bumpy surfaces. If that is not the case, the paint will end up appearing lumpy and will not even stick well. Coarse sandpapers are very effective in leveling big bulges thus providing a smooth surface to be painted.

Fix existing gaps

This comes in handy to cover the holes that might be on the surface of your deck. Use caulking and spackling to cover these gaps. Give time to the recently applied patches to dry, then add a second coat when necessary. Then sand again to level out large bulges.Prime the surfaces

You should add the prime to your surface before painting. It is a necessity for a guaranteed quality outcome. If that is not done before painting, flakes and cracks will be witnessed on the deck. Do not prime the surfaces that had been recently painted.Start painting

Mix the colors that you have settled upon to be used on your deck. Once that is done you can use a paint roller since it guarantees uniform painting. After painting, allow your deck to rest and the paint to properly dry.
Clean again the Deck
You can use a mop or damp cloth to remove any dust or dirt that might have come from the painting process. After cleaning, you can spread on a concrete sealer to protect the recently painted surfaces. In the end, you will have a well-painted deck.
In Conclusion 
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