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connecticut house painting prices

Painting your house has always been vital undertaking. Not only does it show your attitude but also gives your house an appealing appearance.

Which ultimately catches the attention of every person that comes across your beautiful house. With the aim of finding out the paint you used or just to admire your house, you will experience frequent knocks on the door. However, to achieve this fashionable look, you really need an experienced painter on board.

Besides, ensure the hired painter will render quality services at an affordable price.

Connecticut House Painters seem to have achieved a rare feat in this field. They ensure your house gets that appearance you most desire. At the very least, they perform the painting at affordable prices.

The purpose of this concerned move, is to allow residents to live in houses with an adorned appearance. As that is very rewarding to them. Connecticut House painting price vary depending on the services you desire for your house. These services include the following;

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing your home is a critical move towards maintaining your home elegant look. In this instance, water is pressurized from the garden hose to 1,000lbs. Then forcing out a spray wand used to clean your house. You can use a gas or electric pressure washer for frequent use and have it set at 1300 -2400 psi to achieve best results. As a resident of Connecticut, you can buy or rent the pressure washers. In all cases, your house will be left sparkling once the activity has been completed. For this service, in Connecticut the prices range as follows;

Area to wash low High

House, Siding $100 $300

Deck or Patio $250 $500

Driveway $80 $200

Painting A home Exterior

The exterior of your house is what catches the eyes of anybody visiting you or passing by your house. Therefore, really have to get it right when it comes to painting your house exterior.

Put into consideration having an expert to do the painting. Apart from painting your walls, there are other parts of your house exterior you have to take care of. They include the following:

Painting Concrete Siding

Before you go forward with painting your wall, preparation is very key. In some areas you will have to remove the previous finishes to ensure proper painting is done.

To ensure concrete stays for long you can apply primers, paints and special sealants. Connecticut house painters will assess the walls conditions before going forth with the painting.

The price for this is about $500 form 250 square meters and $2000 per $1000 square meters.

Painting Metal siding

The price of painting metal sliding for instance galvanized steel and aluminum depends on various factors. Simple cleaning may serve you well in setting the metal siding for painting.

In case the metal is rusted, skilled house painters will have to repair it before painting, this is vital to maintaining a uniform and appealing outlook.

But in instances where there is severe destruction to on the initial Finnish, removing it will do you great good. The Connecticut housing painting price for this service ranges as below, between $ 400 for 250 square feet and $ 1500 for 1000 square feet.

Price for Painting wood siding

House owners have a variety of house sidings that suit them well. As you plan to paint your house, these sidings also have to be put into consideration.

This is very important since these sidings contribute to the overall appearance of your house. In that case, painting them will really go along way to enhancing your house appearance.

The price for having this service done on your house varies depending on where you come from. For residents of Connecticut the price is about $ 700 for 250 square feet and $ 2000 for 1000 square feet.

Fortunately having this service ensures your house exterior is kept from extensive repairs in the future. Indeed, it is worth having.

Painting Your Home’s Interior In Connecticut 

The attention paid while painting your house exterior should also be transferred to the inside of your house. As long as people are attracted to the outside of your house, they will wish to get inside it and get to see how it looks like.

Therefore, you really have to get it right when it comes to the interior painting. Ensure it is something that blows people off. To achieve that, professional painters have to be hired for this task at hand. it to be so, these are skilled individuals in painting, and once they get to work, the results are worth every penny you spend on these services.

I am sure you are interested in knowing the price of this services. Below are Connecticut house painting prices for an excellent home interior appearance;

• 12 by 12 room with a 9-foot ceiling goes for $ 125

• 14 by16 master bedroom that has a 9-foot ceiling will cost you $150

• 16 by 16 living room of 9-foot ceiling costs $ 175

This difference in prices is influenced by some various factors. The factors include the following:

Amount of paint

This has a significant impact on the house painting price. Since you want to achieve impressive interior house appearance then you have to go for high quality paint. The type of paint which will bring a luxurious touch to your house. Gallons for such paints will go for between $ 20 and $50.

Wall texture

The texture of the house affects the amount of paint needed. So, depending on the texture you have will obviously determine the paint you will use.

Square footage

The square ft of your wall will determine the amount of paint used. The more the paint the more the cost. So, you should take note of the wall space before settling on the painting activities. This will help you come up with a relevant budget for the task ahead.


Just the way you pay attention to your dressing code and your personal appearance, these same should be transferred to your house.

When it comes to your house, painting it will ensure it stays refurbished all through. However, before painting it, ensure you have taken account of the price of everything that has to make painting a success. If you’re in need for house painting in Connecticut, please start by contacting 1st Choice Pro’s.