Should You Paint Your Interior Or Exterior First

Exterior Or Interior: Which One To Do First?

When it comes to home renovations and improvements, one might be faced with a decision about where to start. Inside or Outside.

Especially when it comes to a fresh coat of paint on the walls. There are several factors to consider when deciding where to start, none favor a choice but will help you to recognize the specific need and guide you in the right direction.

Condition and Preparation

Inside or out, the surface that you are going to be painting is going to need some preparation. You can’t just splash on a new coat of paint because any blemishes or cracks etc. will surely ruin your efforts in no time. The condition of the surface is where you start. Do you need to repair the surface? Is there a great big crack that needs filling? When you list the critical repairs that might be needed you should already be getting an idea of where you need to start. Outside walls might need new water proofing or primer before you can continue. On the inside you should consider the trim and fittings that would need to come off and also the impact of the space being out of commission for the duration.

Repair or Replace

As mentioned the choice of where to begin will rely on the extent of the repairs needed for your wall surface. If you are renovating the whole house you might consider getting the inside completed as a priority so that you can enjoy a little more comfort when you are busy on the outside. Of course, a simple answer is fix the most critical areas first. So, if you have exterior walls that need some maintenance, or require vital replacement of window boxes etc. then that’s where you start. You might have to remove carpets or wall mounted shelving in order to refresh the interior paint.

Look and Feel

A fresh coat of paint can have an enormous effect on the overall feel of your home. The choice of paint will be a factor in where you start.

For the interior, the finish of the paint is crucial. The specific use of the space will determine the type of paint and the finish, of course color matching might also be a consideration. For the interior you need to make sure that you have things like marking tape and drip sheets so that you don’t have to waste time cleaning up everywhere. In areas like bathrooms you will need to use a water-resistant paint that will endure the steam and

On the outside, you will need to ensure that the paint you use is weather rated to last through the seasons. The time of year will play a factor as you don’t want to be standing in the rain trying to paint the wall. The color is important but not as important as long-lasting protection. Of course, many suppliers will be able to mix the perfect shade for you once you have decided on your paint. Your outside walls are also what the rest of the neighborhood sees so make sure that you have double checked the condition of the sidings and water proofing before you start.

The decision maybe complicated but if you follow this simple guide you will be able to schedule and complete the work in no time.