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How to Pressure Wash Your Walls To Remove Dirt and Dust Buildup

How To Pressure Wash Walls | Full Guide

how to pressure wash your walls

Pressure washing is one of the most effective ways to clean items around the house, or even the house itself. The pressure washer is the quickest way to clean your house exteriors because the high-pressure stream can penetrate textures surfaces, removing debris in the process. In this article, I will guide you on how to pressure wash walls on a home, and remove dirt and dust buildup.

Getting Started With Power washing

• To make your job easier, you need to remove all obstacles around that could cause a trip

• Cover nearby plants

• Cover light fixtures and electrical components

• Close your windows and doors

• For heavily soiled walls, use a rotating scrub brush

• Ensure the washer has enough oil if using gas

• Lubricate the pump

Rinse your walls to bring down any large gunk such as leaves, spider webs, or nests. All this can make the job harder if you apply the solution immediately. I used my hose to rinse the top of the walls, and everything came down with the water. Once you are done, you can wash your walls with a detergent solution. Before you start spraying, keep in mind that pressure washers are very strong and can peel off paint, which is not your intention.

Depending on the washer’s psi, stand a few feet away from the wall and use your fan-spray nozzle instead of the stream nozzle. You should also avoid praying at low angles if your wall has siding as water could pass beneath the boards to your insulation. Spray the solution from the bottom up to avoid streaking, and rinse from the top down to prevent dirty water running on the clean surface.


Pressure washing walls can be an easy task as long as you know what you are doing. I hope that this guide on how to pressure wash walls on home to remove dirt and dust build-up without much hassle. Have you ever pressure washed your wall? Why don’t you tell us about it and the tips you learnt?
If you need a professional to pressure wash your home or provide painting services, please contact 1st Choice Pro’s today for a free estimate. You can also start by contacting us today.

How to Repair Damaged Surfaces to Prepare For Painting a Home

How to Repair Damaged Surfaces to Prepare For Painting a Home 

How to Repair Damaged Surfaces to Prepare For Painting a Home

You need to prepare damaged surfaces before you can apply paint. If you do not have enough time to carry out the project, you can as well hire a professional for the services. You can contact 1st Choice Pro’s who are known to offer the best services.

How to Start Preparation Process

  • Highlight hidden flaws
  • You need to look for a strong light and illuminate the hidden flaws.
  • You can then mark the spots where the flaws are so that you can apply the necessary primer.
  • Seal torn paper If your dry wall has been torn, then you need to apply a sealant so that you can seal it for a smooth application of the sealant and primer.
  • Tape and fill damaged corners
  • If corners have been damaged, then you need to fill then and apply a tape.
  • It is a straight forward process you need to fix so that the paint can have an even spread.
  • If there are holes in the wall, you need to apply an aluminum patch to seal them.
  • Cut out old glue strips
  • If the wall has old glue strips, then you need to cut them out so that you can easily apply the paint.
  • You should as well cut out any wall cracks and apply the sealant.
  • Holes should be filed well.
  • If possible apply the sealant three times to achieve a perfect seal.
  • Block stains with special primer
  • If your wall has developed hard stains, then you need to apply a special primer which will seal off the stains.
  • It is necessary to apply the special primer so that the stains will not show on the bright paint.


The above are simple steps you can take to achieve the perfect wall for home painting project. They are easy to follow.

How to Paint Your Homes Exterior

6 Simple Steps: How To Paint Your Homes Exterior

1st choice pros how to paint your homes exterior

There are several steps you need to take so that you can achieve the best painting project. If you choose to paint your exterior, then you need to start by preparing the walls.

Today, we present 6 easy steps to take to paint your homes exterior without killing your budget and your back. 1st Choice Pro’s are professional Connecticut house painters providing exterior painting services.

1. Pressure-wash the walls

To remove all dirt which can interfere with the painting process, you need to pressure wash the walls and remove all dirt. Pressure washing removes all loose particles making your walls stay clean and ready for the painting job.

2. Repair Damaged Surfaces

You cannot apply paint to damaged surfaces. Look for a tape and sealant to repair the damaged walls. After applying a sealant to the damaged walls, you need to make them smooth so that paint can spread evenly. You can caulk trim some areas to allow for even paint application.

3. Remove Loose Paint

Loose paint on your exterior can develop due to different reasons. For example, the stains may develop due to the initial paint exposure to the harsh weather. Remove all the loose paint to allow room for the new paint to adhere.

4. Prime Stains

If there are some hard stains on your exterior walls, then you need to prime them with a suitable primer which will hide them.

5. Protect Doors and Windows

Before you apply the paint, you need to protect areas where you would not like to paint. You need to protect doors and windows. You can apply a tape to protect the areas before the paint job begins.

Unless you plan on painting your doors, it is highly recommend that you take this step in protecting yourself.

6. Paint the Exterior

The final step involves applying your paint. Follow the right steps as per your type of paint. Some paint will require special care so that they can spread evenly.

When painting your exterior, we recommend you use ladders to reach significant areas on your home.


The above are simple steps you can follow to apply paint on your exterior. Painting your exterior is necessary because it improves the aesthetic appeal of your home as well as the protection of your exterior.

How To Prime Walls Before Painting

Adding Primer Before Painting Your Walls

how to apply primer onto your walls before painting

You need to apply the right primer so that your painting project can run smoothly. There are different types of primers available in the market.

If you can contact experts such as 1st Choice Pros, they will advise you on the right primer you need to apply on the walls.

The right primer should hide blemishes on your walls so that the final paint will look attractive. The way you apply the primer also contributes to a perfect paint job. Regardless if you’re painting a door or a whole house, follow these steps.

Clean The Walls Before Applying The Primer

You need to clean the walls well so that the primer can stick well. An all-purpose cleaner can help you clean all the dirt which can interfere with the primer. Use clean water to remove all dirt from the wall so that the paint can adhere well.

Scrap Off The Loose Paint 

If there was an original paint which is about to peel off, you need to scrap if off using a putty knife. Ensure you remove all the loose paint before you start applying the primer because failure to do so can lead to the primer peeling off.

Fine grade sandpaper can be applied to remove all loose paint from your walls before you start applying the primer. You can read more about removing loose paint here.

Use A Blue Painters Tape To Mask Off Edges 

If there are areas such as the floorboards and ceilings where you would not like to paint, then you should consider applying a tape to protect the primer and paint from reaching those areas.

Apply The Primer 

You need to mix the primer well and apply it on the walls. Apply it evenly using a paint roller. After application, you should let the primer dry before you head to apply the final paint. We usually recommend letting the primer dry for 2-3 hours. As most primers are said to dry within 1 hour, we recommend you wait some time to be safe.

If you need help with your house painting project, feel free to contact the top rated painters in CT.

How To Paint And Trim Doors

Painting And Trimming Doors 

1st choice pro's how paint & trim doors

It is essential for the body of your house to have a good appearance, but it is good to pay attention when you are panting the trim and doors.

These parts need special attention because they are very vulnerable to paint failure. They have joints where water and can enter if the joints are not sealed properly. As professional Painters In CT, we’re going to cover how to DIY paint and trim your doors.

Use High-Gloss Alkyd

Doors need high-gloss alkyd because these are the most used parts in the house. Latex enamel can also hold up nicely.

If the door had been painted with the high-gloss paint before, it is good to use DE glosser to clean the surface and dull the finish. If a metal door or wood has not been painted, or when expose bare metal or wood by sanding, use the appropriate primer.

In Order To Prevent Runs And Drips, Remove Your Door And Lay Flat On The Sawhorses.

Ensure that you paint both the bottom and top of the door especially if it’s a wooden door. If you fail, you expose the door to the moisture and can cause it to swell and warp.

Use a mini-pad paint applicator which allows you to paint the bottom edge whiles the door raining intact without removing it. Doors are made of different shape but the most common is a flat surface.

If your door has a flat surface, you should paint it with two – or three-inch-wide brush, roller, sprayer or pad. A roller typically makes a stippled finish which may not give good appearance on surfaces to close up. When you use the roller for speed, you should back brush.

If your door is paneled, using the brush is the best option. Start painting the panels first. Horizontal cross pieces should follow (the rails) and lastly, finish by painting the vertical pieces.When sanding, Paint with the grain.


Remember when you purchase a new door, it might appear to be white; however, this is a just the primer. It recommended you to paint the door so that it is protected and kept unspoiled. You also improve its appearance. Are you ready to try out? Good luck!

If you have any troubles, you can always contact a professional painting contractor such as 1st Choice Pro’s.

Tolland CT House Painters

 Professional Tolland, CT House Painters – 1st Choice Pros

tolland ct house painting company

If you are looking for professional Tolland, CT house painters, 1st Choice Pro’s is for you. Winning the hearts of the residents and homeowners of Connecticut, 1st Choice Pros has established itself as a name of trust and reliability.

With decades of experience in home improvement and industrial painting, 1st Choice Pros is home to professionals who have an eye for detail for every painting job at hand.

We master the art of ameliorating your home’s curb appeal to an extremely worthwhile level. Our customers not only experience exceptional services but are also dealt with extra care from our customer support. We are, therefore, awarded for being the best in customer care in the Connecticut area.

Services by Our Tolland CT House Painters

1st Choice Pros has expanded its status as a home improvement company to further provide expertise in the areas of house painting, home remodeling, and commercial painting. We offer a plethora of services in the home improvement and house painting sector. Our services include:

Pressure Washing

A powerful pressure wash carried out by professionals who are specifically trained to do the job serves as an extremely important step in the house painting process. A clean and devoid of any dust exterior serves as a perfect base for new paint. Pressure wash after a certain amount of time also eliminates the need to repaint your property.

Interior Painting

A lifeless exterior is a major cause of your energies going down as soon as you enter your house. A murky and dull environment with paint peeling off the walls not only affects your living experience but also deteriorates the strength of your walls. A good interior paint can help breathe in a new life into your interior for a sound and improved living.

Exterior Painting

Exterior painting can greatly enhance the look and feel and the curb appeal of your house. Old and worn out paint further accumulates dust and grime which eat your walls away. A fresh coat of durable, weather resistant paint help protects your home’s exterior.

We provide a plethora of services all under one roof. To check out more services by 1st Choice Pro please head over to our services page.

Contact 1st Choice Pros Today

Get a free estimate for your Tolland, CT house painting job. Our team of experts will visit your property for determining the approximate cost of getting the job done.

Once the project officially starts you are assigned to a project manager who takes up the responsibility of catering to your queries throughout the process.

Once the project is undertaken by our professionals you need not worry. Just hold on to a little patience and see your dream home, coming into existence right in front of your eyes.

For our Tolland, CT house painters, our customers are our number one priority. Therefore, we make sure there is no negligence or misconduct from our side.

So are you ready to get your dream home painted? Contact 1st Choice Pros today and get a free estimate for your property.


Manchester CT House Painters

Premier Manchester, CT House Painters – 1st Choice Pro

manchester ct house painters

Is your home in dire need or repainting and remodeling? Are you looking for the best in Manchester, CT house painters?

1st Choice Pros are Manchester, CT’s premier house painting company with over 10 years of experience in industrial painting it the area. We are home to one of the finest painters in Connecticut. 1st Choice Pros proudly serve a happy, satisfied, and ever-increasing customer base in Manchester, CT.

Whether it’s interior or exterior painting or a mere pressure wash, 1st Choice Pros have it all under one roof. Our professional painters are thoroughly trained to skillfully deliver a seamless finish on every painting job. Moreover, our designers have an eye for detail and assist you in your house painting projects to give nothing but the best.

Our Painting Process

We have a simple painting process which includes:

  • Pressure Washing – The space that needs to be painted is cleared of any unwanted objects that can potentially damage the uniformity of the final look after painting. Pressure wash helps remove any dust or grime that stubbornly settles on the surface of your house.
  • Priming – Priming is the best way to protect the surface of your walls, decks, doors or any other part of your home. Primers help in adequate paint adhesion and extend the durability of the paint. A few coats of primer serve as a perfect base for the paint.
  • Painting – The most crucial step is painting. The process is carried out with marked efficiency. For we realize that uneven coats give a very substandard look to your home. We at 1st Choice Pros make sure the paint coats come out as smooth, lustrous and seamless. Our users have testified our painting projects to be an extremely worthwhile experience.
  • Cleanup – A messy house after a painting job is inevitable but we as a house painting company take it upon ourselves to clean up the space after the job is done. Leaving the space unkempt and untidy is against our work ethic.

Interior and Exterior Painting in Manchester, CT

1st Choice Pros have been serving the residents of Connecticut with extraordinary house painting services and continue to serve in the Manchester, CT area.

Worn out walls and peeling paint greatly reduce your living experience. We have ingenious ideas to repaint your interior and give it a new life. Get rid of the lifeless interior and contact 1st Choice Pros today.

1st Choice Pros also master painting exteriors. The exterior of your house is the major contributor towards it’s curb appeal. Old decaying exteriors accumulate grime and dust which harm the structure of your house. Exterior painting can help protect the exterior of your house against harsh weather conditions and delay the wearing out process.

Pressure Washing in Manchester, CT

1st Choice Pros provide the services of pressure washing in the area of Manchester, CT. Pressure washing is a great way of getting rid of excess material that accumulates on the surface of your house in the course of time. Painting done after pressure wash comes out as smooth and uniform.

Ready to connect with the best Manchester, CT House Painters?

Are you ready to make your dream home become a reality? Connect with the best Manchester, CT house painters in town – 1st Choice Pros and get a free estimate today.

Vernon, CT House Painters

Leading Vernon, CT House Painters – 1st Choice Pros

vernon ct house painting contractors

Are you looking for leading Vernon, CT house painters? Look no further for 1st Choice Pros is the premier in the Vernon, Connecticut area with over 10 years of experience in industrial painting services. We are home to professionally skilled painters who master the art of turning your worn out and outdated house to your dream home.

We realize that peeling paint, walls devoid of life, and inanimate ceilings all contribute to a house lacking any energy or vibe. Therefore, our team of experts is trained to breathe in a new life to your house, inside out.

We also specialize in commercial painting, interior painting, drywall installations, pressure wash and exterior painting in addition to various home improvement services.

Vernon, CT House Painters Process

Our licensed professionals make sure everything is done in accordance with your demands to make your dream home a reality. Our process for House Painting in Vernon, CT is simple and easy to follow.

Cleanup and pressure wash

We start off by decluttering and removing any objects that can potentially hinder our painting process. Once your space is devoid of all the furniture, animals or insects and other unwanted objects, we start off with the painting process.

In exterior painting projects, we pressure wash the exterior so that any dust or grime is removed. This lets the paint settle in uniformly and gives your house painting a seamless finish.

Adding primer to the walls

After the house is clean a primer is added to the walls. The primer acts as a strong foundation for the paint and makes it even more durable. The paint applied after the primer comes as smooth and uniform.

Applying paint

1st Choice Pros, owing to its status as a home improvement contractor in Vernon, Connecticut, has a wide range of paints available at very competitive prices. The paints our Vernon, CT house painters use are high quality and durable. Moreover, a couple of coats of paint are applied until a smooth, lustrous final look is attained.

We finally clean your house to give you a sleek and tidy look because we believe leaving an unkempt house after a painting job goes against our work ethic. Your house is left just as you desire it should look after painting.

Start your Vernon, CT House Painting Project Today

1st Choice Pros is Connecticut’s most reliable house painting company renowned for its exceptional customer services. Contact us today for a free estimate of your property and step forward towards your dream home.

You can schedule your free estimate with our customer support at any time suitable for you. Our team of experts will visit your home and analyze your requirements.

Thereafter, we come up with an estimate for your house painting in Vernon, CT. A project manager is assigned to you to cater to all your needs while the project is being commenced.

Contact 1st Choice Pros Today

Ready to start painting your dream home in the most affordable price in Connecticut? Connect with 1st Choice Pros today. We will come out to the property and provide you with a free estimate of our services. Giving you the peace of mind you need that you’re hiring a reliable house painter.



Coventry, CT House Painters

1st Choice Pros – Best Coventry, CT House Painters

coventry ct house painters

1st Choice Pros has been serving as the best Coventry, CT House Painters for the past many decades. Offering a multitude of home improvement and house painting services to the homeowners and residents of Connecticut, we have built our name on the foundations of trust and reliability.

Our professionals tend to licensed services to paint or repaint your home. We have an eye for detail when taking over any home improvement task and this has been proved by our ever-increasing number of happy content customers.

1st Choice Pros offers pressure washing, interior painting, exterior painting and commercial painting for the residents of Coventry, CT. The easiest way out there to change the look and feel of your home is by applying a fresh coat of paint on your dull lifeless walls. This not only gives a resplendent look to your home but also extends the durability of the walls.

Get a Free Estimate in Coventry, CT Today

As Coventry, CT House Painters we offer a no obligation, free estimate for your house painting project. Contact us today to get yours. Our team of experts visits your place to analyze your requirements before giving you an estimate for your house painting project in Coventry, CT.

Coventry, CT House Painters – The Painting Process

1st Choice Pros have a carefully crafted a sequence of steps for painting your ideal home.

Pressure Wash: We start off with pressure washing the surface in order to remove any dust or grime that stubbornly settles on the surface. The pressure wash ensures an even uniform paint coat later on. Pressure was can also diminish the need for repainting your house after every few years.

Primer: Multiple layers of primer go on to the surface before any paint. Primers ensure the paint lasts long and stays strong.

Painting: Being home improvement contractors in Coventry, CT we have discounted prices for paints because of our connections with the various top of the line paint companies. Our professionals are trained to put even layers of paint that look nothing but flawless.

Cleanup: Painting a house often leads to messy spaces. 1st Choice Pros believes in leaving your house in a flawless state and therefore work to clean the space after the job has been done.

Contact 1st Choice Pros Today

So are you ready to paint your dream home? Our Coventry, CT house painters are your answer to all you house painting needs. Be it interior painting, pressure washing or exterior painting we have you all covered. 1st Choice Pros also provide the residents of Coventry, CT with extensive services in the home improvement, kitchen and bathroom remodeling sector.

Our customers are our 1st priority and we make every effort in making sure not even a single dollar investment from your side ever goes to waste at our end.

Contact 1st Choice Pros today and get your free estimate. Get set to finally have the experience of living in your dream home in Coventry, CT.


Willington, CT House Painters

1st Choice Pros – Affordable Willington, CT House Painters

willington ct house painters Is your house in need of affordable Willington, CT house painters? 1st Choice Pros are Connecticut’s leading house painting contractors serving in the area for decades. We at 1st Choice Pro’s serve the house owners and residents of Willington, Connecticut with various house painting services. Be it interior painting, exterior painting or pressure washing, we have it all covered.

Our exceptional customer care and support has earned us immense trust and augmented our dignity as Connecticut’s popular home improvement and house painting contractors.

Our Willington, CT house painters are professionally trained to turn your old worn out house into your dream home with skilled mastery.

We have put a lot of time and effort into selecting nothing but the best for our customers, be it material or be it labor.

Willington, CT House Painters – Process

We are delighted to announce our process followed by our Willington, CT house painter company. We follow a simple post project routine which starts off with an estimate.

Free Estimate

You can contact us today to get your Willington, CT house painter company’s free estimate. Getting a free estimate lets you decide on what changes you would like to make and how much are they going to charge you.

Moreover, being home improvement contractors we have developed good business relations with the leading companies in the Connecticut area. Therefore, the material we use in our projects in not only very competitive in prices but also top of the line.

Project Agreement

Once we have come up with an estimate we give you a formal agreement to officially start working on your property. 1st Choice Pros is licensed to undertake any home improvement, house remodeling, and house painting task. Furthermore, we take care of any bylaws and legalities so our customers need not worry about anything.

Out team of professionals starts working on your house painting job as soon as the agreement is signed. You are also assigned to a project manager who takes care of all your queries and updates you about the progress every once in a while for the entire duration of the project.

Willington, CT House Painters – Painting Process

Once the work officially starts you as a customer can sit back and relax. For the work is now in the hands of the professionals. We have a carefully crafted painting process. This has earned us immense acclamation from the residents and homeowners of Willington, Connecticut. Our process in brief is:

Step #1: Cleaning and Pressure Washing

All the dust and grime is removed from the area that needs to be painted. This is either done by normal cleaning or through pressure wash where required. Exterior painting usually follows a pressure wash which results in a seamless and uniform finish. Also, the interior is cleared off for any furniture, animals or objects that can possibly hinder the painting process.

Step #2: Primer

Multiple layers of primer are applied to the walls before painting them. Primers help in retaining the durability of the paints and make them long-lasting.

Step #3: Painting

1st Choice Pros use the best quality paint available in the market at very affordable prices to you. Hence, we apply multiple coats of the paint until a smooth and seamless finishing is achieved.

Step #4: Cleanup

We are against leaving the property we work on in an untidy or unkempt condition. Therefore, our team clears up all the mess after painting and leave the property in crystal clear shape ready to be set into your dream home.

Ready to get your house painted in Willington, CT?

We are sure by now you must have been convinced that 1st Choice Pros are going to be your best choice for house painting services in Willington, CT. Wait no more and contact us today for your free, no-obligation estimate and start off with your journey to an exquisite living experience.